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At First Tracks, we believe that empowering healthcare providers is essential to improving patient outcomes. That's why we've created a first-of-its-kind ecosystem that puts providers first. Our partnership is designed to prioritize provider needs, optimize efficiency, and promote practice growth.

Empowering Providers

Streamline processes and minimize administrative burdens.

Expand Your Reach

Increase patient flow and expand access to quality mental health care.

Collaborative Autonomy

Maintain autonomy while enjoying the benefits of our growth opportunities.

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We are Not a point solution

Empowering providers with a first-of-its-kind ecosystem that prioritizes their needs, boosts efficiency, and drives practice growth

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Experience hassle-free payments, minimal paperwork, and exclusive opportunities to grow your practice.
  • Expanded Patient Referral Network: Collaborate with us to unlock new avenues for attracting patients, elevating your practice's revenue.
  • Simplified Payment Process: Get paid your regular cash rates with ease and predictability.
  • No Prior Authorizations: Save time and effort with our no prior authorization policy.
  • Easy and Quick Claims: Experience a streamlined claims process, reducing administrative tasks.
  • Business Growth Opportunities: As a partner, stay informed about our innovative initiatives and projects designed to boost your practice's revenue.
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